Prayer Requests

1. Pray for our first training course this Monday night. We have to drive a couple hours there and back but pray that we will be able to take as much from this course as we can!

2. At the class we will be turning in ALL of the paperwork we have spent so much time working on (hours...). Pray that it will all get processed quickly and we can get our interviews and home visit scheduled!

3. Pray for Jason and I as we move into a pretty busy season of ministry. As school year wraps up there are lots of commitments and things going on leading up to summer activities, trips and camps.

4. Pray that Jason and I can also take time for ourselves! With hectic and sometimes unpredictable schedules, pray we can have quality time with one another.

We are so blessed that you are following our journey! We would be honored if you would help us cover this process in prayer. Here are some specific general things to pray for:

1. Jason and I would continue to seek Christ first in all that we do. It's easy (I've noticed) to let this process consume all you think about and devote time to. Pray that we become more like Christ throughout this.

2. Pray for our marriage. There are a lot of really tough topics and serious things to consider and talk about throughtout. There are disagreements, there have been already, but pray that we can work through those things with patience and grace.

3. Pray for our home study. There will be interviews, together and separate, and home visits. Just thinking about those things give me a small panic attack but I know that The Lord is leading this process so I have nothing to fear. Pray that we can complete our paperwork quickly so we can get those things scheduled!

4. Pray for our child and his/her birthmom. God has already chosen the beautiful woman who will sacrificially gift us with her child. She's a blessing and her child is a gift.

5. Lastly, patience. I'm stealing this from a friends blog but she puts it so perfectly.
"That we will open up our hands and let God's timing rule. Rather than our own. Because He's got it."

I will post more specific requests throughout our process! 

Thank you so much! 

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