Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

Y'all.  It's spring. Finally!

I can't believe I haven't posted since September. So let's see, in September Ezra and Eliza were a little measly, 4 months old. Crazy! Fast forward through a lot of firsts. First Halloween (they were a daisy and a dragon), first Thanksgiving (they ate their first mashed potatoes), and their first Christmas (they got a lot of crap). Now, after what seems like an eternal winter, it's finally spring. We've had our first tastes of warm weather and we took advantage and they had their first zoo trip! They are 10 months old and as busy as ever. Both are crawling and well on their way to walking. Jason and I think Ezra will be walking in another month and Eliza won't be far behind. Hopefully by their birthday in May (how fun?!). Mr. Ezra also has his first tooth!

I have been looking at my Timehop from last year and it's just SO crazy to go back and read updates about where we were just a year ago, to where we are now. This time last year we had done ONE fundraiser and only attended one of our required classes. I was hopeful that we would be matched last year, but honestly, I was really trying not to hold my breath. It's still just so unreal that we will have one year old twins in less than two months.

They're like little people now. It's so weird. They have likes and dislikes and such different personalities. It's been really cool to see that. Ezra is our quiet thinker. He doesn't talk or make a lot of noises. He likes to watch, listen and take things in. It's like you can see his little brain processing everything that is going into it. Doctor, anyone? A mother can dream. And then there's Eliza. She is our talker. My goodness how she talks. All. The. Time. And of course, a "talking" 10 month old means quite a bit screaming and shrieking. But she is also doing the da-da-da (of course not ma-ma-ma, but I'm not bitter...). Even though she is outgoing she has been experiencing the "stranger danger" phase. It's mom and dad or no dice. Honestly, it kinda makes me feel special that she only wants us, but I know that won't last.

They love music! Any and all kinds. Jason plays a lot of Bluegrass for them so we're holding out hope that they'll have great taste music. They also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. As soon as the theme song comes on...silence (for a minute or two). Their first birthday is going to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party! I'm excited but Jason wanted Curious George, but hey, they'll have more birthdays.

So now, here are some pictures.

This was September!

This is now!

This is now!

Our first zoo trip! 

Happy first day of spring! Love y'all!


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