Thursday, September 25, 2014


Words cannot adequately describe how blissful the last 4 months have been. Tiring, yes. Frustrating at times, yes. But wow, the joy and thankfulness far exceeds those other things. I'm assuming since you are reading this, you are my friend or Jason's friend on Facebook. And if you are, your newsfeed is inundated daily with photos of basically the two cutest kids on the planet.

But, we hadn't updated in awhile and since Jason wrote the last post, I thought I would share my perspective of this whole whirlwind season in our life.

Being a mom rocks. Once we found out about the twins and that we had been chosen, I had to quit my job. Up until that point it was sort of a point of contention for Jason and I. I always expressed my desire to be a stay at home mom but financially it wasn't going to be an option for us. This was something that I had a really hard time with, thinking of bringing home a baby then having to leave them with a babysitter while I went to work (like every other mom, ever). But once we were chosen, it was really a non-issue anymore. It wasn't going to be possible for me to go back to work, and I was thrilled! :)

The first few weeks after bringing them home, I was a wreck. I am SO thankful that Jason's mom, Charolett, was here with us. I didn't know what to do with one baby! Much less, two preemie babies and one of whom wore a heart monitor 24/7. But, these two little nuggets were gracious from the get-go and eased me into motherhood nicely. It still feels strange sometimes. Even last night, I went upstairs after I had already put them into bed and heard their sound machine on. I stood in the doorway of their room, a room that up until 4 months ago had housed a guest bed and was waiting in anticipation for the day that our child would sleep there. And sometimes, it's still hard to believe that they are here and they are ours. For the first couple weeks, I kept wondering when we had give them back!

I can't lie and say that it's all been rainbows and lollipops. Some days are hard. Some days I don't get to shower. Sometimes, by the time Jason comes him from work, I can't remember if I have even peed that day. Some days, I am covered in spit up from head to toe. With all that said though, we were blessed with two of the most sweet natured, happy, fun babies!

Our relationship with their birth family is such a blessing to us. Their birth momma is just a really amazing young woman. We have seen them once since we brought them home and it went wonderfully! It was just like seeing family that we hadn't seen in awhile. We are looking forward to sharing with the kids as they get older just how wonderful their birth momma is.

I really can't believe that it's been 4 months. It's gone by so fast. Everyone told me it would and I suppose I really didn't believe them. It feels like they change everyday. They are wanting to move around so bad and I'm scared to say that they could be crawling soon! I'm really not ready for that!

Well. That's all I really have right now. I can't wait to start updating more once they start moving around and talking. That's when the real fun begins! :)

Love y'all!
Corey and Jason

Now, here are some pictures (as if you don't see enough on Facebook):
Little hams

They love each other!

Such a good daddy!

Big girl!

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