Monday, May 5, 2014

Home Study and Home Sick.

Hey all!

Seems like it's been awhile since I posted, but I guess Easter was just two weeks ago! Wow, time is flying by so quickly, it seems like I can't keep up.

This is a busy time for Jason and I. Wrapping up the ministry year with the students, end of the year happenings at the preschool, graduations, graduation parties, ect. By the time May is done we are exhausted! And adding our home study into all of that...whew.

We had our very first interview with our social worker two weeks ago and it went great! Our next is tomorrow, where we will be doing separate interviews. One of us will go in from 10-12 and the other from 1-3. We are a little unsure about what to expect but she gave us a few details about what will be discussed. I'm a little nervous! Following this interview will be our last and final step in the home study process which will be our home visit, which will take place on May 20th! We are just so overwhelmed with how quickly this all went. I don't know other adoptive families experiences, but a month to get the home study done seems fast based on things I have read. But man, what a blessing! The Lord may just have a little nugget waiting for us to get this all done! :)

We were so happy to get to spend time with my parents over Easter and excited to see Jason's parents in a couple weeks when they come to visit Memorial Day weekend! We've missed our families. We haven't seen them since Christmas, so it's very nice when they are able to come visit. But even those visits are way too short. We are looking forward to and planning a trip to Kentucky in August when the preschool is shut down. We are planning to be there for 10-12 days, which we are ecstatic about! I think we have both been feeling a little homesick lately. It comes in waves and at different times. I know it always hits me in the late Spring around Derby time. What a special time to be a Kentuckian, right?

Anyway, thanks for keeping up with us! Keep your ears open for a couple fundraising opportunities coming up in the next little bit!

Love y'all!