Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Pressing on!

Our formal application was accepted last week and were were invited to be one of the several families to begin the home study process in March! We are pretty impressed with our agency up to this point. They have been quick to respond to our questions and concerns and have processed our paperwork very quickly!

Jason and I had the opportunity to meet with a couple from our area yesterday who are in the midst of their adoption process. They are much farther than we are. They have recently gotten their home study approved and now are being presented for potential matches. I am so thankful for the 2ish hours we were able to spend with them. They gave us TONS of great information that will be very useful within the next several months. They also gave us some information for a consulting agency that has been instrumental in their process. This is a great option for us as well as we move forward and something that we are talking and praying about. We left the coffee shop feeling very encouraged and we know they will be great friends!

I know that adoption cases are very rarely identical, one to the other. So in many ways, I don't expect that our process will go any quicker or more smoothly than another. But, the Lord has led us to this place. Through many years of heartache and the emotional pain our infertility has caused us, we are in a place now where we know the Lord is going to bring us to our child. We feel blessed that we are able to take this humbling, anxiety-ridden, intrusive, personal and beautiful journey to find the child that the Lord has picked out just for us.

How to be praying for us:
1. Pray as we consider working with the consulting agency. This is a very promising option for us!
2. Pray that our agency will continue to work quickly and efficiently!
3. Pray for patience.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moving right along...

Our preliminary application was accepted last week! We were expecting now to have to wait to receive our formal application and other forms until they were ready to move forward, but the very same day we received all the forms we needed! We have spent the week working on these. It takes some time to get all our information together. They need quite a lot, although I'm sure they'll be asking for more. So, our formal application is completed and submitted, along with some others. And now, more waiting! :)

I have to say that Jason and I are feeling such an immense peace about this whole process. Sure, there is some anxiety about certain aspects, but the Lord has really given us a calm spirit about this journey that we are starting on. We know that the Lord already knows the beautiful woman that will carry our child and already knows everything about our baby. Isn't that just a mind-blowing picture of how huge and amazing our God is? I'm blown away each time I stop to think about it.

Our God is so good.

Pray for us about:
1. Pray that our formal application will be processed quickly and without many hangups.
2. Pray as we continue to raise funds.
3. Pray for patience.

Love y'all!